We are Radical

We don’t do normal

We took the event rule book and threw it straight out the window and we haven’t wasted time ripping it up. We’ll push you mentally and physically – like you’ve never been pushed before. If you want a real hardcore challenge... read on.

So you like running ultras, insane cycling or watersports? We’ve got those races for you, if that’s what you want. However, if you like a more demanding race, let us introduce you to ‘THE UNKNOWN’ – our toughest race and ultimate challenge so far.

The Unknown: a race into desolation - £165

WARNING - be prepared to still be in the dark even when you’re on the start line. You can also enter as a team of up to 3 people. Don’t bother looking for FAQs for this race - Remember what it’s called. You will be provided with 3 pieces of information only...

  1. Where
  2. When
  3. How far

We’ll give you more information when you sign up. If you can run, read a map and use a compass, let the insanity commence...

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